Dinosaur Protection Group Illustration 5

By far the most exciting piece I got to do for the was to finally illustrate the answer for the on-going question as to how the T-Rex in Jurassic Park exited the paddock when there was supposedly a cliff right where she was. Well, the answer to that was already revealed a little bit back when Phil Tippet unveiled production notes on the paddock attack scene in the first film. There is actually a steep hillside that slopes from where the Rex escaped down to where the Explorer landed after being pushed off the ledge a few yards ahead. I wanted to showcase the paddock for this reason in the ‘Reports’ article, ‘Investigation: The Old Park’. I set the paddock in post- Jurassic World state where this would clearly be in the “restricted zone”. We thought this would be a wonderful treat for the fans, so there is your official answer to the paddock question. Look for the little nods I added in there.