Dinosaur Protection Group Illustration 3

The third piece I worked on was a fun one. We knew there was going to be limited exposure for the Allosaurus during the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom marketing campaign, aside from the very brief looks at her in the trailers, so I really wanted to spotlight her in one of the illustrations for the viral site. Unfortunately, we weren’t supplied with an ILM render to work off of, so I had to do my best figuring out exactly how she looked through screen grabs and the mattel toy, haha. The piece went through several design iterations, but we landed on what you see in the first image. The second is my next favorite version of this illustration. Universal Pictures ultimately decided to later use cropped versions of this image in Instagram and Twitter ads, as well as the backing image for a word search in the ’KIDS’ section of the site. Reason for cropping was to avoid confusion between design similarities between this and the Indoraptor which was already revealed at the time.